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All That You Should Know Before You Buy a New IQOS

IQOS is a cutting-edge smoking cessation system. Users are supplied with a certain updated IQOS model almost every year. Each model is distinct not just in terms of manufacturability, but also in terms of design, which is always important.

If you visit the website you can find a few latest models of IQOS. Now how to decide, which model will be most appropriate for you?

One well-known cigarette brand produces the IQOS line of heated tobacco products and also electronic cigarette products. The IQOS tobacco heating device was first debuted in November, 2014 in Italy and Japan, before being gradually commercialised in other countries.

A substantial portion of the portfolio, in addition to IQOS-branded electronic cigarettes, focuses on devices, which can heat tobacco by not burning it. The long-term medical benefits of heated tobacco over burnt tobacco have yet to be proven, and the idea that this product could one day be less harmful than cigarettes is still up for debate among scientists.


The following are the features to know about IQOS 3 DUO before you go for this model of IQOS.

  1. One charge will be sufficient for two sticks.
  2. It has got a very fast-charging system.
  3. You will find the most elegant and trendy design.
  4. After every 6 months, a certain new colour with a new design will be available.
  5. Most suitable for the palm.
  6. Impact-resistant housing with built-in NFC and Bluetooth.

Those who prefer the trendiest gadgets will always prefer this model.


What you must know about this model:

  1. This gadget will work only with replaceable type disposable pods.
  2. The heating element is built as a grid that is entirely immersed in the liquid in the hearth and makes contact with it until the liquid is emptied.
  3. It vibrates funny when you puff.
  4. Can manage settings by using the IQOS App.
  5. It is handy and compact. You need not even turn it off after you are done with your session.
  6. The device can charge very fast.


What you must know about this model

  1. One charge will be sufficient for 25 sticks.
  2. One session duration is five minutes or fourteen puffs
  3. It can heat tobacco with a special needle within 25 seconds
  4. The LED strip available on the body will show the charge level.
  5. This gadget can be very compact and convenient weighing only 99 grams.
  6. Convenient Type-C connector.


You must know the following before buying this model

  1. The device heats cartridges and sticks simultaneously.
  2. Pods and sticks for the device require special ones, different from other gadgets.
  3. By combining different sticks and pods you can create certain new flavours of aerosol
  4. A screen available on the body that shows the level of the battery, and liquid available in the pod.
  5. To activate Lil Hybrid, simply insert your pod and press the button.
  6. Convenient Type-C connector.

We hope with all these info it will be easier for you to make your selection.