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Make your own rug

Every room is different, each one has its own personality and interests. You might only need a custom rugs with logo that fits your space to let out the artist within you and create a special place in our home.

Imagine the floor covering you want. It is hard to find the right size custom carpet for a particular space in your home. It’s the perfect size, design, and shape. It makes your home look amazing.

The rug is a great decor option. The best way to enhance your living space’s appearance is by choosing the right-sized carpet. There are many carpet options available. But you won’t find the floor covering that is right for your needs. Sometimes, a larger selection of color and sizes is not enough. Mat living custom rug service allows you to make a custom-made area rug.

Mat living will offer custom services to customize your customized area rug. Our designers and artisan are well aware that a floor cover is a way to bring together the entire interior of the house.

Custom rugs & personalized online carpets

Do your particular areas need some flair?

An area rug is more than just a place rug. They can help anchor your current style elements and bring the room together. The right carpet size can transform your room by adding color, surface interest, or playing with different designs. Custom mats is the best option if you are looking to create a space which reflects you and your personality through its stylistic theme.

If you’re looking for a custom-sized floor cover online, you should focus on measuring the right size, right color, and durable material to match your modern decor.

Mat living lets you design your floor in a multitude of colors, shapes, styles, and patterns that will enhance your dome. All types of handcrafted rug customization allow you to choose different sizes, including traditional, contemporary, or synthetic carpets, as well as carpet color and brightness.

Design your decor with handwoven carpets and rugs

We know that not all rooms can be sized in the same way. Mat living can provide specially-estimated carpets in a variety, including wool, leather polyester, jute, indoor/outdoor and execution styles, to help you create a custom look.

To make your purchase easier and more realistic, we recommend you “block” the desired width and length of your personal floor covering using painter’s tape.

The only thing you need when choosing the right size customized carpets is an estimation of the space that you need them for.

Things to consider for your custom size carpet

The following tips can help you decide if a rug is right for you.

The apt size

The carpet size is the most important thing to consider when selecting custom carpets. You will find that a larger size carpet will enhance the space’s appearance if it is smaller than your living space. For larger spaces, however, more custom mats can be used to tie together home furnishing accessories.

Bold and solid hues

Depending on your preference, you can choose a strong-patterned oriental rug or one in neutral tones. Tailored floor covers have incredible patterns. If you prefer a smoother start, however, you can opt for subtle stripes or just finished custom carpets if it is more modern.