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Does Home Paternity Test Gives Similar Results as the One from Doctor’s Office

A paternity test helps you to recognize your biological child/parents. The results of the paternity test can be life-changing. It can be mentally draining and the results may be shocking. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself well enough before the test.

Paternity DNA test, when performed properly, gives 100% accurate results. You can either go to a doctor’s office or order online and do it yourself at home. However, you must be extra cautious while ordering it online. Several websites offer cheap DNA test kits with extremely poor quality. The results of these tests will affect your entire family. Therefore, make sure to purchase the kit from a reputed brand only.

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They perform different types of procedures such as curiosity DNA test, immigration DNA test, grandparent DNA test, legal DNA test, infidelity Forensic DNA test, etc. You can buy a home DNA test kit from PaternityUSA confidently.

DNA testing at home is very easy. It includes only four simple tests –

  1. Order the home DNA kit
  2. Collection of the sample
  3. Analyzing and testing of the samples
  4. Reporting the results

To know more about the home DNA test, continue reading this article.

Meaning of Home DNA Test:

Home DNA test means, you can do it yourself at your home. Whether it is a paternity or siblings DNA test, anyone can do it in the comfort of your home. However, you need to understand that, a DNA test at home means, only the collection of the sample. You can order the kit and collect the sample yourself instead of visiting a doctor. Further, you need to send the samples to the laboratory for extraction and analysis.

You can either order the DNA test kit online or purchase it from the nearby drugstore. You can also order it through a lab or from the doctor’s office.

Accuracy of Home Paternity DNA Testing:

The accuracy rate of home paternity DNA testing depends on three major factors, they are:

  • The quality of the DNA test kit,
  • How perfectly did you follow the steps,
  • The quality of the lab where you send the samples for the test.

Whether it is a home paternity test, siblings DNA test, or avuncular DNA test; to achieve accurate results, you need to follow certain protocols. Therefore, you must consider these major three factors for getting 100% accurate results from Home paternity DNA testing.

Why Should You Go For DNA Paternity Test?

Below are a few reasons why you need a DNA paternity test:

  • For knowing the child’s real and biological identity.
  • For analyzing the health history.
  • For government aid.
  • For benefits like health insurance, social security, and veteran benefits of the biological children.
  • For financial support where family requires two incomes to meet their living expenses.

A home paternity DNA test is good for those who are extremely busy with their daily routine. You do not have to waste your time by going to the doctor’s office. You can simply order it online and collect the samples at home.