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Guide to Love Eggs


What are love eggs?

Love eggs work by sitting in your body and stimulating your sensitive G-spot and vaginal walls.

Remote control is then available that can adjust vibration settings to produce light, strong, and patterned vibrations. This will be dependent on your mood or the mood of your partners.


What is so special about them?

They’re the best tease. They are especially fun when you give your partner the remote and let him choose what to do with it.

When you insert love eggs, you can feel extremely comfortable if there is enough lubricant. The pleasure can be endless.

Here’s a list of 5 best love egg reviews to get you started:


  1. Bliss vixen Thrill Seekers Love eggs

There are seven different patterns and three speeds. Remote works at 25m, which allows couples to play together. Some reviewers were amazed at the distance it works.

You can attach a finger loop to the egg so it can be pulled back easily.

Although the egg itself is fully waterproof, the controller cannot submerge it in water to clean it.


  1. Remote Egg for 10 Speed Vibro

This egg was awarded the Bondara Awards ‘best vibrating Egg’. There are some great reviews, as well as some less positive ones that we’ll look into.

The pink color is very girly and its skin is soft, comfortable, and smooth.

Also, 10 vibration speeds are a great option to offer you many options.

However, there were some who could hear the vibrations. They didn’t think this egg was particularly quiet.

Despite this, it is still a delightful little egg.


  1. Ann Summers Signature Remote Egg

Is it just me that the Signature Remote Egg Remote Control looks like a fob. It’s actually the keyring and silver bit. This controller is very easy to conceal in public. People won’t even know it’s there.

Ann Summers’ fancy eggs are a little more expensive than our previous eggs. It can reach distances of up to 20 meters and features 10 speeds and pulses.

It is similar to the other, and it has a pull-string to make it easy to retrieve when it’s time to stop having fun.


  1. Bliss Vixen sex toys are with Sense Motion remote

Bliss Vixen manufactures high-end luxury toys, and although they can be expensive upfront, they are truly amazing. The Bliss vixen has been improved over the original. It has 8 settings and works up to 12 m away.

This Sense Motion wireless remote is great because it vibrates with the egg, which means your partner will have a greater understanding of what you are feeling. You can tilt the remote vertically or horizontally to get more powerful vibrations.

Bliss vixen sex toys are rechargeable, unlike other batteries. You have the option of choosing from pink, or black. Bliss vixen also has positive reviews.


  1. Bliss vixen Basics Love Egg

We have finally found one of the most beloved love eggs from the largest online shop.

The wire used to attach the controller to this love egg is different from other models that have a remote control. This love egg doesn’t offer remote control. This product has many positives if you’re okay with wires attached.

It works like other love eggs and has multiple speeds. However, batteries are not included in the package so you will need to buy two additional AA batteries.