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Choose the Right Ad Placement Categories to Reap Maximum Benefits

Ad placements play a very important role in getting maximum traffic to your website. If your business is already onto Facebook, you can make use of the various platforms Facebook offers to target the right audience and boost the brand image of your business.

Need for Ads Placements

Choosing the wrong feed placement will yield you less or no ROI. It is always better to put some thought into this and do your homework before placing your ads onto different platforms.

You can even take the help of any good FaceBook ads agency such as Australian Internet advertising headquartered in Sydney, with branches in Melbourne and Brisbane. You can connect with their Facebook specialist and explain your ad campaign to them. Based on your inputs they will come up with the right ad campaign and help you place them on the right platforms.

The right placement category can determine the success of your ad campaign. If your ad is placed in the wrong category, potential customers will not be aware of your products and you may lose out on potential leads.

You can even use multiple placement categories depending on your ad objectives. One of the best features of Facebook ad placement is that you can choose which categories you want your ads to be placed in. You can either opt for manual placements or automatic ones.

The manual placement allows you to choose your categories, whereas, in the case of automatic, Facebook chooses the placement categories for you based on your ad campaigns.

Different Types of Ad Placement Categories

Some of the popular and common placement categories that you can use for your campaign are:

  • Apps
  • Messages
  • Stories
  • Feeds
  • Search
  • In-Stream
  • In- Article

You can make use of the Audience Network Placements offered by Facebook to display your ads on mobile apps. You can either opt for native, banner and interstitial placements. Native ad placement will fit the design of your app perfectly. You just need to give instructions on how to assemble the ad once you create it on your mobile website.

Banner ads can be small text ads or images that occupy a small space within your app layout. On the other hand, interstitial ads occupy the whole screen of your mobile app.

The second option available to you is rewarded video wherein customers can watch your ad videos and reap rewards in the app.

You can even opt for message ads wherein potential customers will be able to view your ads in their messenger inbox. This type of placement is apt if your main aim is to retain your existing customers.

The stories placement categories come with three options:

  • Instagram Stories – Your ad will pop up between your customers Instagram stories
  • Facebook Stories – Your ad will pop up between your customers Facebook stories
  • Messenger Stories – Your ad will pop up between your customers Messenger stories

Here you can opt for photos or small videos of your product wherein your visitors will get first-hand knowledge about your business and what products they are into.

Another popular category to showcase your ad to a mass audience is through feeds. Some of the common feed platforms include:

  • Facebook Video or News Feeds – Your ads get placed onto Facebook video or news feed
  • Facebook Marketplace – This is an apt category if your audience wants to look for offers or discounts
  • Instagram Feeds – Here your ads will appear on the audiences’ feeds
  • Instagram Explore – When audiences choose the Explore feature is Instagram, they will be able to see your ads
  • Facebook Right Column – This category is a perfect choice if the main focus of your ad is retargeting. The only drawback is this is available in the desktop version

The Search placement category is a keyword-based platform that will allow audiences to view your ads depending on the keywords they select. In the In-stream placement category, your ads will appear for a few seconds before or after Facebook videos that the audience is watching.

Facebook has an Instant Article feature that is presented to the audience when they use the Facebook mobile app. Your ad will be showcased in the audiences’ mobile news feed.


Each placement category has its pros and cons, so you might need to research and choose carefully. Ensure to keep monitoring the progress of your ad and keep improvising on the same.